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GCWA, Certificate of Commendation – ‘Poem with no E’

GCWA, Highly Commeneded Poem - ‘The Thief in the Night’

The Association of Writers at Work Toowoomba, 2nd place – ‘One Syllable’

GCWA, 2nd place – ‘Time's Magic’s’

Poets Workshop – Laureate Award – ‘The Forest’, ‘Broken Wings’, ‘Alone', 'Crimson Faith’

Poets Workshop – Professional Poet Award – ‘Loves Frost’

Poets Workshop Editors Choice Award – ‘Splinters of Truth’

Creative Writing Professionals W.A. – ‘If I Were Free To Do As I Wish’

Writers World Highly Commended – ‘The Liquor of Life’





 The Thief in the Night 

I saw the pain in your eyes, and the unshed tears

 as your roots were stripped and cut -

crushing the seed of your life.

I saw you wither and shrivel as you bled -

draining you of life’s fruits, as the blossoms

were hacked before they had a chance to bud.


But it was not I who lifted the sabre -

for I too bled at the thrust of the blade

which cut our loves umbilical cord.

We did not see the assassin

who came to kill, like a thief in the night

in the dawn of our loves blossoming.


We nurse the same wounds and the pain is hidden,

in the eyes where the unshed tears refuse to flow -

unsure if we will ever find another seed to sow within.

Forever watchful for that murderous thief

who steals and kills in the dark of the night -

forever searching for that elusive seed...

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 ’A Poem of One Syllable - God’s Own Dove'


Come to me and feel the peace

Dwell in this space – a place of faith

Give up the need to foil self-love

Life is yours, nigh is the gate.


Caught in a mire of times past

Doubt is fraud … robs the now

Watch for the dream

It may come true

For you are the one – you to you


Turn down the rogue we call rue

It bears more grief … our soul to mourn

Light seeps through the wounds veil

To joy we greet …bliss we hail


On knees bent we exile the home of lies

Hate is death … loss …. pain

Clinching tight to life’s spirit

Mend it’s breath with hope


Hold the light – your soul so true

Loss reigns in hearts of pain

Robs joy…mirth …bliss

Crave no more the path so pure


Laugh out loud

Love with care

Trust with meek sight

Reach out with arms bold


Let your soul rest

Long has been your flight

Oh dear one … God’s own dove 

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 Poem with No E


I walk in a solitary fashion along a shallow sandbank,

my world lost within my mind.

Footprints upon grainy sand acquaint my soul with body –

a warning of a craving for unity, an ambitious passion for congruity.

A way of living in a world which prompts untruths from human spirit I must find -

untruths lost in a dark abyss of mislaid faith and split passion.


My soul is hungry… it scans a vivid horizon thirsty for an opportunity

to banish apathy which, thus far has thrown my soul into chaos – cataclysmically.

Agonising notions grip my mind’s matrix,

promoting annihilation of subconscious actuality.

Producing confusion… isolation – focus lost… thoughts fraught with division.

Forging along I am an automaton, this idiosyncratic turmoil I must quash –

robs quality.


An invasion of sounds crash in, manufacturing a hiatus from my

torturous condition producing an intrusion to my pursuit -

to my fantasising mood and disposition.

All thought lost as sounds of crunching sand mix with birds squawking, shallow sandbar's rushing and gushing, childish cackling and wind whistling, young and old laughing, crows crowing, and a far away sound of a Salvation Army Band.


An unusual concoction, trying to form music and song –

a quizzical, comical composition.

Worst of all is how wind and sand in malicious union

doth my body assault and rip; an impact violating - off balancing.

My walk now, a nightmarish trip.

Ironically, wind and sound signal my mind to know

I'm not an island; it proclaims a fashion of a prior known quantity –

that I'm truly a part of all that is around.


In succumbing to that which my surroundings impart,

I grasp unity… adopt fusion.

For unity is found in grasping – in moving across a chasm –

through an abyss unmindful of assumption –

unmindful of cryptic notions that portray division.


Wild surf paints forms upon a coastal strip,

as if to hug pallid sand - fluid full of colour, land to kiss.

I savour its rush of rich liquid, as it darts towards my limbs

washing sorrow away imparts joy and bliss.

Harmony, so luxurious flows from my spirit –

spirit aglow, division nought.


Unity brings rhythm to my gait, to my faith to my truth assiduously sought.

Whilst chaos abounds in a combination of inorganic and organic intrusions –

it forms a fusion – a fusion of unity within my souls fabric –

 and I am found. 

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 If I Were Free To Do As I Wish


If I were free to do as I wish

I would hold you and embrace you

your body against mine

I would feel your warmth and your pain

your sorrow and joy


I would take your face within my hands

And gently kiss your fears away

I would take your vulnerability

and place it in my heart.

If I were free to do as I wish

I would seize this moment and love you forever.

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 The Liquor of Life


I see the fear in your eyes

Yet love on your smile

Please do not run, nor be scared

I desire not to own nor tie you down

I desire not to use what you give or say

I desire only to share from my cup with you

The liquor of life before it runs dry


I believe forever can be just a moment in time

If we have only this moment, then this is my forever

and in my forever I was loved by you

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 Times Magic


If time were a piece of magic

I’d weave me a miracle

for time has stolen my hearts desires,

my dreams left to crumble.


I’ve looked back to the yesteryears

to who I’ve been and was,

searching in the mirror for

the me who’d been lost.


For time has slipped past so swiftly

I can’t remember how,

but I lost my way so often -

how’d I get to now?


Opportunities came and went

I could have had it all

if only I’d believed enough,

if only I’d stood tall.


Now time has caught up with me

I feel I’ve lost the race,

the beat of my heart stutters,

it struggles to keep pace.


I look long into the mirror

to catch those yesteryears

I need to weave a miracle,

I have to assuage my fears.


I search the pain in my eyes

and see the magic there

reflecting beauty back to me,

for time has come to care.


I’ve found my threads of magic

to weave my miracle

time brought it back to me

and made it reachable.

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 Splinters of Truth


The mirrors of the moment reflected

My breaking heart:

Feverish passion

Loneliness and despair.


Autumn leaves fall dead around my feet

Glorious life suspended for another season:

As time stops to heal the heart,

Fragment and fractured.


Splinters of truth

strewn amongst the dead embers of hope:

Disarray forms like icicles caught in the storm

Nowhere to take rest.


The mirrors of the moment reflected

my breaking heart:

feverish passion

loneliness and despair.

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 Loves Frost


As my soul cleanses the final remnants of sorrow
the first of spring’s blossom signals a new tomorrow

With warmth in my hand where the frost of love grew
I inhale the sweet promise of its deep red perfume

From the bloodied soil of misery, I cast aside gloom
the last of loves frost eager for fresh buds to bloom


As my soul cleanses the final remnants of sorrow,

the first of spirit's blossom signals a new tomorrow.

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I know not what to do alone in the forest

I shiver in sorrow and the silence glares back into me

In my feeble attempts to look into your heart and mind

I retreat empty-handed


Yet I see the beacon of your lone-ness

It searches for me

And gobbled I am in its blaze

My paralysed frame trembles beneath the glow


You, like the summer rain that quenches the thirsty earth

As the tips of your fingers touch my skin

As the surface of your lips press against my neck

Tell the story of your hearts desire


Words struggle to escape my lips

They become frozen in their ascent

Like rain caught in the frozen air

Words caught in the blizzard of confusion


Muted reflections haunt my moments

I wait …

Alone …

In the …


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 Crimson Faith


So like Sisyphus in his journey of torment

My path has been arduous, pushing the boulder upward.

And as the face of the Gods found merriment at his plight

So too I suffered such scorn … my soul it does bite.


Within the sight of hideous scorn, mockery and disdainful glee

Like my comrade Sisyphus, I did climb the steepest mountain

Whose peak is way beyond the highest sky - beyond the dreams of mortal men at least,

And I stopped breathlessly upon broken knees, and to the angels I did entreat.


With prayer in my veins and hope in my sinew, I journeyed onward

I did traverse across all sands of time and take no shade from the glaring sun

I did plunge the deepest sea, filled with a torrent of flowing tears

It was then I came to triumph, over my gravest fears.


Crimson faith led me through, bloodied by my journeys toil

And in the mocking faces who find such mirth in my travail

I did wield the sword of freedom, for fear is not mine to have or for me to own

With a soul that is strong and a heart that is brave, victory I have sown.

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 Broken Wings


Broken wings

Fallen dreams

Empty spirit

Faithless heart


Hopes dashed

Dreams unmet

I leave this place

Where life burns a hole

Deep within the soul


I need to fly

To a place unseen

With broken wings

And fallen dreams


Deep within the soul

Where life burns a hole

I leave this place

Dreams unmet

Hopes dashed


Faithless heart

Empty spirit

Fallen dreams

Broken wings

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 The Forest


The forest ...

... where the blizzard blows

......where the rain is sudden

...........where the trees have arms that reach in and grab at life

..............where the clouds sprinkle and shift

...................where the owl sat as a guardian as we nestled below the stars

........................where the wind murmurs tribal mantras

.............................where the moss hides a multitude of sins

................................where the creatures be-friend lone Homo Sapiens

...............where the path winds up and into and over and frees the lost


I’ve seen the forest…

…..and I sit alone

….…and the silence is all

………and the ears hear only the leaves falling

…………and the morning light comes in streams

……………..and the undergrowth smells of eons past

………………..and the brook sings a melancholy melody

……………………and the eagle leaves a shadow upon our tangled dreams

…………………….…and the fungi pay homage to the cycle of life

………………………………and flowers come into bud

…………..and I’ve felt all its favours…and felt its decay


I am the forest…

….it breathes beneath my skin – whispering breeze

….…it rushes through my veins – burgeoning river

…….…it houses the owl – cloistered nest

………… whispers to the villages – lost legacy

…………..…it grows gnarled roots from the soil of my longing - verdant decay

……………… finds life within my folds –rising sapling

 ………………… it spreads a canopy across my frame – memory’s shadow

…………………….it murmurs to the harkening ear – reaching bark

…… I’ve felt the journey within its neglected heart … it gives grace to the lost

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