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I Don’t Set Goals - A Happy New Year Message

Posted by on in Deborah K Bates Blog
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I Don’t Set Goals

I Set ‘This–Is-What-I Choose-To-Bring-Into-My-Life’


This morning I spent time in one of my favorite places. The beach. It was a time to reflect on the previous year and the year to come.

New Year’s Eve is not a time for me to set goals. It is a time for me to ‘Choose-To-Bring-Into-My-Life’.

It is not a time of gratuitous partying. It is a time for reflection ...  REFLECTION  ... on the events of the year as it begins to fade ... on the ensuing year as the first rays shine upon sweet days ... S SWEET DAYS S. Where life is blessed and my gratitude steps ahead of me in each new day, gratitude for everything ... EVERYTHING.


And so I sat in my rock-chair with the ocean-view and reflected:

REFLECTION on: events that may - or may not have - evoked sorrow, for they always make me a better person – not a bitter person... X BETTER PERSON X.

REFLECTION on: the highs and the times I felt great about achievements. Min, yours, theirs, mine J . Times I succeeded at ‘creating the life I choose to live,’ fulfilling dreams ... FULFILLING DREAMS, touching the lives of others with love/kindness/understanding. Helping them to feel the best they can about who they are ... the very VERY best.

REFLECTION on: self and my committment to my vision, aligned to my truths and to my divinity ... TRUE TO ME, ME, ME K .

REFLECTION on: what I choose to bring into the New Year, how I will remain committed to that end – how I feel ... FEEL ... about the vision (that means emotion, EMOTION, so loud that my vision cannot NOT do anything else but awaken and come to fruition ... COME TO FRUITION. And then of course, (of course, of course, of course,) I evoke that expression in daily life so I can of course, (of course, of course, of course,)  continue to touch others’ lives in a positive way, remain true to me and my authenticity, continue to walk the path of my spirit and dreams ... come true of course, (of course, of course, of course) ... DREAMS COME TRUE OF COURSE ... (the big, the little, the insignificant to others, yet significant to me – a dream is a dream no matter the size.)


I not only reflect – I observe the themes of the fading year for they paint a picture - they tell a story – they become a focus. Themes within my circle – within me. And those themes have been poignant and significant and noble ... G NOBLE G. Themes such as: change ... big change ... small change, weddings, babies, joyous celebrations, promotions, self-expression, forgiveness (of self), greater commitment to health and well-being, helping others - mentor, bigger sales on my book (that means more people touched by my words,) more words on paper on my current book, spotlight on me as an author, travel – those  travelled and travel plans (to come, to be experienced,) wealth-riches-money-abundance-prosperity, home-houses-place-of-residence, paths .. winding-straight-undulating-rainbow-coloured-paths, friends ... blessed friends - D FRIENDS D - family beautiful family -  L FAMILY L, reunions, unions, laughter, tears, sadness, beauty ... O BEAUTY O marvellous beauty in everything, love, life, joy, bliss, freedom, release, gratitude – always GRATITUDE.


I bring in more to the above ... more, more, MORE... and I give more ... more, more, MORE...


New Year’s Day is even more sacred. It is a day spent doing that which I love with who I love - or solo. And it is always commensurate with that which I wish to bring into my new year. New Year’s Day (for me,) and my activities, thoughts, expressions etc. always ... ALWAYS sets the tone for the ensuing year.

Happy New Year ... Happy New Year ... Happy New Year





{1579, from O.Fr. emouvoir "stir up, move out, remove,"

from ex- "out" + movere "to move."}

 "Emotions seek light -

they need to be nurtured, held and heard.

Emotions wait to be free.

When we free them they lose their power to chain one to

sorrow, disappointment, regret, guilt and pain.

It is the brave, who stay to confront their emotions,

to sit with them and allow them freedom to shift to transmute."





{c.1384, L.L. reflexionem “a reflection," "a bending back."

From re- "back" + flectere "to bend.”}

"Reflection is a powerful tool. 

It evokes change –reflection has the power of metamorphosis.

To reflect is the process of suspending beliefs and allowing the heart to speak.

 It is a moment where we attune to what feels right.

It is in this moment that we connect with our soul

and the spirit has an opportunity to speak."

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