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Melodies of Hope

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Melodies of Hope

My body blends with the earth:

Undulations of creation tell their story through the aged crevices of the land.

Rivers of belief …

Torrents of heresy flow like lava through the watery inlets

- Time to make a stand


My soul swims with the oceans:

Raging rivers of fear and despised creatures lament their tale of torture and neglect.

Mountains of virtue …

Reach to the sky like explosions of ecstasy caught in the ripple of time

- Man cannot reject


My spirit weeps with the heavens:

Entreaties of redemption ricochet, abandoned by deaf ears and sightless minds.

Melodies of hope …

Floating particles send messages to relinquish debt upon the soul

- signals a re-awakening of mankind


Holistic thought creates life:

New beginnings entice the threadlike existence of man and beast – earth and sky.

Reflections of unity …

Freedom from the vacuous mind, the tempest entourage that brings decay

- Harmony is nigh

Deborah K Bates 2012

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