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My Two Ingredient Skin Exfoliate

Posted by on in Health
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My Two Ingredient Exfoliate

Some months back I made the health-promoting decision to eliminate processed foods from my eating regime, the benefits of which are endless (and that’s another blog). Before long, I looked into ways that I could change what I used in home and on my body. And so began the journey of supporting what I consumed by eliminating (where possible) products I used in home, especially that which I applied to my body.

I love beauty treatments and I almost have a fetish for moisturisers as I love the feel of smooth skin, hence my exploration into home-made natural beauty products. Bi-carb soda and coconut oil have numerous uses in my home, and this includes being the ingredients in my home-made all natural two ingredient skin exfoliate.

My home-made two ingredient skin exfoliate has too many pluses to ignore:

  • Costs next to nothing
  • Takes seconds to make
  • Use for the face and the body
  • Free of the nasties found in commercial products
  •  Easy to apply (leave it on as you soak in the bath)
  • Unlike the commercial products will not leach the skin of nutrients
  • The coconut oil nourishes the skin leaving it smooth and hydrated (no need to moisturise after use, unlike using commercial products that leave the skin feeling dry and tight)

Make Your Own Two Ingredient Exfoliate

  • You will need virgin coconut oil and bi-carb soda (aluminium free)
  • I use the measure of one to one and I make small batches up at a time
  • My jar as shown in the image is one teaspoon bi-carb soda to one teaspoon coconut oil (use in its solid state) which you mix to a smooth paste and presto it is ready to use
  • Optional - I add a pinch of Himalayan Salt
  • Add extra bi-car soda for a more potent conncotion for rough skin 
  • Can be used as a tooth-paste

Ready to Use

Massage into your face avoiding the eye area. It is great for rough elbows and feet yet gentle enough for the sensitive neck area.

Happy exfoliating!



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