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No More Bathroom Trips through the Night

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No More Bathroom Trips through the Night

Is this your story? You fall into bed at night ready for a beautiful night’s sleep. You have looked forward to lying down for hours. But your bladder has different plans! Your plans of a great night’s sleep fails miserably against the plans of your bladder and sleep is interrupted by as much as 4-5 times a night.


So here is the deal …

Gravity holds water in the lower part of your body when you are upright. That can be due to standing on ones feet OR sitting for hours on end. The legs may ache or swell and lying down or sleep is the only thing that brings relief.

When you eventually do get to lie down, the lower body – that is from the hips down and includes legs, ankles and feet falls level with the kidneys. It is now that the kidneys take the opportunity to empty fluid into the bladder which in turn acts upon the kidneys request and performs its normal action of removing water from the body – as many times as it needs. The bladder doesn’t care that you have just fallen into bed, exhausted. In fact the bladder is happy as you are in the optimal position for this to occur – you are relaxed for probably the first time that day and your body is level.


And the solution

And here is the solution: take time out in the day or prior to going to bed to elevate your legs (see diagram.)  If you can do this three times a day for a few minutes that would be great, even once a day for a few minutes will help.

When your legs are elevated it gives your legs a chance to ‘empty’ and perform the natural process of eliminating water.


Other benefits from elevating the legs:

  • Relieves strain and tension of the lumbar curve in the spine
  • Eases the workload of the heart and nervous system
  • Reduces any chance of swelling or edema
  • Relieves and wards off varicose veins
  • Improves overall blood circulation
  • Enhances the Circulatory system
  • Relaxes the physical body
  • Helps with cramps


Another Tip

Did you know the Posterior Lobe of the Pituitary Gland makes and releases the anti-diuretic hormone which helps control body water balance and urine output? You can read more about this gland and the other glands in Your Personal Tuning Fork the Endocrine System.



Naturally if you have other symptoms or if you are concerned about the issue please seek medical advice from your practitioner.

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