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I was the recipient of a RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS today. Upon my usual walk down town and along the beach I decided to stop in a grab a protein bar. My usual practice on these walks is to take a small coin purse with limited money, my phone and house keys.

I must have needed that protein bar as I miscalculated the amount payable and handed my $5 note to the cashier to which she promptly replied, "That will be $5.05 today."
Me saying: "I am sorry I only have $5 on me at the moment, I will put it back." (Me thinking, I come in here at least 4 times a week, they know me, surely I am good to owe .05 cents) To which the cashier simply smiled and nodded.
The woman next to me in the queue piped up with a, "I have .05 cents," and handed it to the cashier.

My protestations to the kind woman were refused and I walked out with the protein bar and an enormous sense of gratitude whilst sending thoughts of wealth and abundance to the 'bestower of random acts of kindness'.

Unlike philosopher Thomas Hobbes theory that humans are basically selfish creatures, who act on their evil impulses and should not be trusted ... I believe (and always have) that humans are inherently kind. I have always maintained an enormous faith in humanity and prefer to resonate at that level of consciousness than to see otherwise.

This event brought home to me the power of acts of kindness. It is not about money, there are a multitude of ways we can demonstrate, sharing, kindness, generosity and compassion. I am sure we all perform acts of kindness every day in a multitude of ways. Sometimes a simple statement like "How can I help you," or "Are you okay," or the simplest of gestures such as a smile, hug or hand-shake can evoke a feeling of being counted, I like to use listening as a kind act or a compliment - what do you like to receive or give as an act of kindness? 

For me, anything that leaves another person feeling good about who they are, important, special, connected and valued is my premise for giving acts of kindness.

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