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Testimonials - Your Personal Tuning Fork

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Tuning Fork latest

 Testimonials from happy readers

 "I have finished Deborah's book - Your personal tuning fork - The Endocrine system. I was very impressed with the holistic approach that Deborah applied to the writing of her book, she is obviously very knowledgeable and passionate about this topic and I am sure a very effective healer to many people. I guess she has also spent quite a bit of time talking to you about the health of all the systems in the body but in particular the Endocrine system as each gland plays such an important role in various hormone productions but how they also rely on each other for healthy function. For my own reference I have created a one page chart to help me boost all of the 8/9 endocrine glands as Deborah states that results can be noticed very quickly when we start to introduce the "Herbs and foods for a healthy endocrine" which form part of the last chapter of the book. C. Chambers 

"I have a copy of your book & love it! Great info there. Hoping you'll be putting out a follow up!" Deborah Engisch Platt 

"Thanking you for the insight. Fantastic read and I came away with greater knowledge in a field which is unknown to most of us. I completely recommend this book as a staple in your library." David 

"Thank you so much for writing this wonderful book - it has given me hope that there is somebody out there who understands and that a lot of my difficulties have an answer." Happy Reader 

"Deborah I love your book so much, every page is awesome, I want another 4 copies." Sandra 

"Deborah, of course, covers many more holistic approaches that improve body and mind in her book but I think trying to incorporate some of the herbs and foods would make a giant leap into longevity. I found this very helpful; I wish I had done it 10 years ago..." K. Dietrich 

"Many books have not done as much as what Deborah has done...."L. Hallowes 

"Exceptional! Information was great..."B. Ward 

"Truly fabulous, thank you Deborah you are an inspiration..."M. Pinkerton 

"Learnt a lot and will be putting it into daily practice..." S. Claydon 

"I realised so much about myself..." W. McCosh 

"I can't put this book down. I started reading and before I knew it I was into my first hour..." Sandy 

"I bought a copy of Your Personal Tuning Fork at Deborah's launch on Saturday. I've read a few pages and can see the book is going to be great! I've always been interested in the human body and am looking forward to reading more..." Sarah C. 

"Best money I've spent this year on books! As a health practitioner and counselor this is isn't my normal kind of book purchase. I am super impressed with Deborah K Bates message – I've already begun adapting the suggestions to my clients and I've personally gained an increase in overall well-being. This is confirmed as fat loss (not water or muscle) as I have access to a DEXA body composition scanner. As the writer points out, the feeling of lightness is a refreshing one. Perhaps this is what the writer really means by OMG. It's easy to read, and the perfect daily reference guide. I'd make it compulsory reading for my business associates and those they advise as well as my clients and friends. Best money I've spent this year on books!" Happy Reader 

"Kudos to Deborah K Bates for approaching a health book that talks about sustainable health and that health should not be a goal to be reached but an every present way of living. I recommend this book to whomever wants to live a longer, more healthy life and is ready to commit to changing the way they eat." Another happy reader 

"I have learned so much about my body, health and how to stay on top of it. I can't put it down - what a great and easy read! Deborah Bates and her book Your Personal Tuning Fork have shown me how to lead a happier, healthier life." KJSdunfer 

"Exceptional! Information! Many books have not done as much as what Deborah K Bates and her book Your Personal Tuning Fork have done." Queenbees88 

"Truly fabulous, thank you Deborah I have learnt a lot and will be putting it into daily practice...I realised so much about myself..." Creations by Charlotte


Award winning Gold Coast author Deborah K Bates latest book, Your Personal Tuning Fork - The Endocrine System published through O-Books UK, is the talk of the health community. It boasts consistent highranks on Amazon and Amazon UK along with bookshop sales both internationally. 

 Your Personal Tuning Fork - The Endocrine System   is an enlightening unique approach to the root causes of some of our most common health issues. It is easy to read and a daily reference for everyday solutions to everyday issues which interfere with daily life. 

It is a book about healing, hormones, the endocrine system and a better way to health. 

Grab your Personal Tuning Fork and TWANG your way to sustainable health!  


BUY NOW -Click on this link: Your Personal Tuning Fork the Endocrine System


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