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What If We Were Trees

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Thank you Ram Dass, you led me to ponder and I thought to myself:

'What if I was a tree, how would I treat me?

I would love me, nourish me with water,

I would appreciate me,

I would not compare me to other trees,

I would see how unique I was,

I would not judge me - for why would I have need to judge?

I would spend time in nature, simply sitting (standing of course as I am a tree :-) )

I would give shelter to those in need ’neath or within my protective limbs,

I would grow tall towards the light,

I would bend with the seasons,

I would allow myself to simply be without having to be what other 'trees' wanted me to be.

I would be me.'

I guess it's time for me to be as a tree.

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