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    The Body’s Master Glands - Hypothalamus /Pituitary / Pineal  for ageing, weight, higher consciousness and more ... Did you know the 3 upper level glands work harmoniously to assist hunger, thirst, weight, sleep patterns, ageing, sex drive, moods and higher states of consciousness? The subject of hormones often times elicits notions of women and moods. Yet this is far from the truth. Yes, both male and female bodies have an endocrine system and produce hormones and there are 9 main gland centres. Little thought is given to the upper 3, the hypothalamus, pituitary, pineal, yet these 3 glands and their hormones perform master functions in regulating the other gland systems and are linked to our higher capabilities. Hypothalamus (pronounced: hi-po-tha-luh-mus) - its primary function is to regulate homeostasis. Not considered by some as a true endocrine gland, the hypothalamus has a significant role to play. Situated in the brain beneath the...

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