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Ghee - My Golden One In the past year I have taken to ghee like a duck to water (cliché intended) and clichés aside, I am the biggest fan of this humble product that has been used for around 5000 years. I use ghee as a food for health, for cooking, I spread it on my home-made low-carb, wheat-gluten-free, flax bread and mix it in my coffee. What is ghee - a type of clarified butter originating from India and used in Indian Ayurvedic cooking. The main difference between ghee and the clarified butter your Nan made is in the production process. Clarified butter is complete once water has been evaporated and fat separated from the milk solids. Ghee, on the other-hand, involves simmering the butter along with the milk solids to the point of burning/caramelising which gives ghee its aromatic and nutty taster. The Golden One Ghee is a superior...

 When Food Healed My Body - after listening to my inner-advisor instead of my cravings  “My inner advisor is dying to heal me.” ~ Astrid Alauda ~ After a recent bout of the flu, which left me debilitated for 2 weeks, my body went into rave-mode demanding a detox. Too ill to argue, I acquiesced and shaved back on all foods except **my-detox-vege-soup made primarily with cabbage, and snacks consisting of super-food fruits such as berries, kiwi fruit, paw paw and a small amount of bananas. Prior to falling prey to the dreaded lurgi, I had already cut down on a number of foods that acted more like poisons to my body than medicines, (thanks to the ‘eat right for your body type’ method – and NO I am not hear to sprout about that, it’s purely reference material) but over time I had (she says a little sheepishly) snuck a few baddies...

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  “Our true state of health is not a goal to be reached but a way of living” Most people want to improve their health. Most people want longevity – longevity that is with well-being. We have the ability to live longer today – to live longer and healthier. “Health is a large word. It embraces not only the body, but the mind and spirit as well.” Health’s primary goal is to restore harmonious function so that every part of the whole is doing its work and is in open communication with every other part. Holistic applications are not about fighting disease – rather it is about restoring harmony – and within this environment disease cannot be tolerated. Well-being is dependent upon all of our processes working at optimal levels. That is holistically. That is – mentally physically, emotionally and spiritualty.  “To have health you must first be health” Our...

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