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Featured in the: Daily News Tweed Bulletin ~ Gold Coast Bulletin Tweed Weekly ~ ABC Radio 92.5 Gold FM ~ Today Tonite 

 Writing Awards: Poetry ~ Magazines ~ Short Stories ~ Innovation Award  Amazon Bestseller

 Awarded: Bravery Award Nomination ~ Innovation Award Citizen of the Year Award  

 Invited to: Canberra Parliament House ~ Big Brother Show for advice  

Praised by lumiaries: Hazel Hawke ~ Maggie Tabberer Paul Mecurio Paulo Coelho ~ Jules Watson ~ 



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me and she turned herDaily News Tweed Bulletin ~ Gold Coast Bulletin Tweed Weekly ~ ABC Radio 92.5 GoldFM ~ Today Tonite Gold Coast Writers Assoc. ~ Big Brother Show Bravery Award ~ Innovation Award Canberra Parliament House ~ Citizen of the Year Award Praised by luminaries Hazel HawkeMaggie TabbererPaul Mecurio Mentored by acclaimed authors Paulo Coelho and Jules Watson ~ 

Deborah K Bates  has been the talk of the town on many occasions for courage, inspiration, leader in the community and as someone who contributes towards changing lives. Described by many as one who 'walks the talk' she is a constant inspiration for turning her can'ts into cans! She has been featured numerous times over the years for her work in the community and the Daily News, Tweed Bulletin, Gold Coast Bulletin, Tweed Weekly, ABC Radio, Today Tonite and 92.5 Gold FM have showcased her achievements, community projects and dedicated commitment to both the community and people. She has even been asked to give professional advice on grief for the Big Brother show.

 Deborah K Bates is recognised not just for her work in the community, she has received distinguished awards and been praised by such distinguished luminaries as Hazel Hawke, Paul Mecurio and Maggie Tabberer, and been nominated for a Bravery Award for which she received an Honoury Citizen of the Year Award.

 Now it is time to add to her collection and  we also showcase achievements with her current book 'Your Personal Tuning Fork the Endocrine system.'