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The Writers Dream … Turning it in to a reality

The desire to write a book is shared by many. As a matter of fact, I was surprised to find that recent surveys show that more than 90% of the population say they have a secret desire to write a book. I believe that this longing to write is our creative spirit's way of encouraging us to share our unique voice with the world. After all, each of us has a story to tell. Sometimes the story is about us, and sometimes the story is about something we feel passionate about.

Too often the desire to write a book goes unrealised because of the dream stealers who remind us that "writing a book is hard work" or "getting published is next to impossible." I remember those words well and, if I had listened to them, I wouldn't be writing to you today.

Practicing extreme self-care means paying attention to your soul's desire in spite of any resistance you may encounter. It doesn't mean that you have to do it right away; you just have to take consistent action towards your goal so that your soul knows you're paying attention.

Every creative project has its own timing. When I first began working on my book, I decided to put it aside after a year of frustration and hard work. Although I felt disappointed and confused, I now realise that the time wasn't right and I needed to grow a bit more before sharing my work, I needed to grow in confidence.

There are many ways to tell your story - writing a play, painting a picture, or composing a song. Since so many people long to tell their story in a book, it is important to know the steps involved or the steps that will have you walking towards that dream.

Whether you decide to tell your story in a book, painting, or a song, pay attention to your inner longings by taking one action to honour the desire. That is to do something DAILY – yes DAILY! You might simply keep an idea journal, or start reading a book on writing a proposal. The point is this - do what is necessary to keep your dream alive!

Remember …

… complacency is your worst enemy. If you're comfortable, if you're rolling along without having to really think, if you haven't had to challenge yourself, if you don’t think you have to read or research - you're wasting your time. Writing from a position of comfort will never say anything worthwhile OR anything based on an understanding of the craft and respect associated with writing. I am not saying writing shouldn’t be easy – that I cant flow, what I am saying is that it is etiquette to research and read other writing styles – a musician listens to music, a painter appreciates art … you get the picture – (pardon the pun.)

Four easy steps that will have you jettisoning towards your dream …

  1. Discover who you are as a writer – what is your writing voice?
  2. DO something daily
  3. Read and read more
  4. Research your genre, get to know your genre intimately – that is the authors in your genre, the publishers in your genre and so on. 

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